Who is Dusty? Well I can tell you I am someone who enjoys creativity in many forms, the logic of code, the turn of a good phrase, historical genres (among many) and well-rounded written plots.

Hailing from the Southern Hemisphere, you may find me online at ‘weird’ times; however, it is just my time zone coming into play and I am always around every day at some point. So if you can’t find me in the Cbox, I am always available via PM.

Together, the founders have a combined experience level of over 50 years, so you are in good hands. So draw up a chair by the log fire and stay a while or longer and immerse yourself into the world that has been created here at Heart of the West!

Howdy all! You can call me Flint or Her Royal Highness or, of course, the ever popular Magnum PI, but if you can’t remember all that, I still answer to Tens :). I started writing when I was young but it wasn’t until my college years that I discovered RP. Yeah, never looked back, haha. I adore characters and plot lines and have way too many of them, if I’m being honest, but the heart wants what the heart thinks it wants! I play mainly males, finding them to be more comfortable in my mind, but I have my odd princess and I’m always ready to play! I do some graphic work for the site, advertising, and canon writing, and I can always help any of you with app and sizing issues, so just holler!
Shooter has been writing with her fellow admins for up to five years! In 2014 she earned her degree in graphic design and now uses her skills to edit images for the site as well as design the maps for the area. Think of her as Heart of the West's personal cartographer and unqualified city planner. Fun fact; The Devil's Cradle Saloon used to be called The Blue Larkspur, this is the name of a plant as well as a race horse, a sport Shooter follows closely. Blue Larkspur raced for a stable called Idle Hour, which is the name of the hotel in Woodhurst. Every place on the maps has its own story!
Indy arrived at HOTW to assist in written aspects of the site as well as moral support and has been role-playing for a decade now. In the past she has written in such genres as fandom, historic, and fantasy. She has a bachelor's degree in history and is currently a high school world geography teacher.

Outside of writing, she enjoys video games and long walks on the beach. ...Not really. She hates the ocean.

Blue came over to the HoTW to assist with coding and general admin duties. During weekdays there is always an excellent chance that she is lurking about the site as work gives her the flexibility to do so. So if you are about, swing on into the cbox and say hello!

Additionally, Blue is one of those weird math and science people who also enjoys writing, and she has been writing for over ten years. She loves good plotting, character development, and is always a sucker for a happy ending.

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Founders Circle
 Posted: Jul 8 2016, 08:55 PM

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General Rules

egistering and Applying

• For this board, we ask that you be 16 or older to register.
• HotW is an intermediate writing RPG and we do ask that Applications and posts are edited for typos, spelling and basic grammar. Please be aware that spell-checkers will not pick up words used incorrectly that happen to have the right spelling. e.g. there, their and they're.
Register with an OOC account before registering an account for your first character. One account per character, please!
• Please register your character account with a first and last name, properly capitalized. Middle names may be used if a character goes by both names 'in character', e.g. (John Bob Collins, Mary Lou Simmons, etc.). One name is sufficient for a character that does not follow “typical” naming patterns. We will NOT accept characters who are posted with an OOC account.
• Please, app only canon characters and original characters. We do not allow real historical figures as characters. We do, however, allow for historical figures to be used as a playby. However, be mindful when using a real historical person's image that it is not from a genealogy site and has creative commons permission.
Play-bys are restricted to celebrities and art of your own making. Do not use people from social media as there have been many who have asked that people not use their likeness in roleplays.
• When filling out an application, please fill it out to the fullest extent you can.
• Only use the Completed application section if your application is complete. Otherwise, it should be in the Incomplete section as a WIP. • When you have finished with your application, either PM an admin or post a response to your app, e.g., Completed. You do not need to post it a second time.
• We do ask that you post your app within 7 days of registering your account . If you are having trouble with it, please PM the admins.
•Accounts registered with no app posted or contact made with the admins after one week of joining will be removed.
• There is no limit to how many characters you may app. However, the admins reserve the right to deny your character if you are unable to remain active.
• We also ask that your first or previous application be approved, and you have an active IC thread with each of your existing characters before starting additional character applications. Of course, if you have a special reason to do so, this may be PM'd to the admins for consideration.
• Plagiarism of any movie, TV show, book, music video or any other RPG character not belonging to you will result in a pending or denied response to your application.

• Periodic activity checks are conducted behind the scenes. Players who have not posted for a month and have not posted an absence will have their characters archived. The staff will post activity checks if they feel that it is needed. There will be ample notice should this happen.

Playing on the Board
• Please wait until your application has been approved by an admin before posting in the IC areas. However, feel free to introduce yourself and get involved in the OOC forum!
• Please refrain from godmodding and/or powerplaying. This includes other players’ characters, animals, NPCs and any Canon (claimed or unclaimed) unless you’ve been given permission by the other player or the admins. Any injury or death must be discussed and agreed upon with the other player. Unclaimed Canons may not be harmed in any way without the express permission of the admins.
• When playing, we ask that you avoid posting one line replies. Make sure your partner has something to respond to, be it dialogue or an action!
Please date all your threads with a date stamp/ place and approx time of day.

15th June, 1868
The Railway Station
Mid Morning

• If your character runs a shop or a similar enterprise, feel free to create a location thread for it! Let an admin know, and we can pin the topic for you! Just make sure to claim a spot on the business listing! Make it clear on the listing if you allow playable NPC's in your store or not.
Location threads may also be written for character homes. You may include any information and graphics for these threads that you wish!
• Threads that exceed the 222 rating of the site are not permitted. See Mature Content.

OOC and Graphics
• Please show all players and staff respect in the OOC areas of the board, including the Cbox.
• • Do not post advertisements or links to other roleplaying sites anywhere on the board except for the Advertising forum.
• Leave feuds and grudges for IC storylines!
Avatar dimensions are 250x400. Dimensions for the smaller picture is 110x110, though the mini profile will resize images to a degree. Signature graphics should be no wider than 500px.
• Please keep your images PG-13! No graphic nudity or gore.

If you are unable to post IC in a story thread for an extended period or you are away for more than a week, please post in the AWAY NOTICES section of the OOC forum. Messages in the Cbox will not be acknowledged as an official notification. Alternately, you may PM one of the admins. All player OOC accounts and Character accounts will be archived after 30 days of total IC inactivity without an official absent notice. IF your accounts are reinstated after a lengthy unexplained absence, it is up to you to PM those you were threading with to see if they wish to continue. Regardless, you are expected to re-request all your claims and post in an IC thread within seven days of your reactivation.

Mature Content

We are a L2S2V2 rated site which does not allow anything above a US PG13 rating level and anything mature is not permitted anywhere on this site at present due to the ToS for Jcink Free Sites

What is considered Mature?

Mature content includes:
• full frontal nudity (typically images/video, though extremely detailed written works could qualify here too)
• graphic sex scenes
• graphic violence (like detailed torture scenes or body mutilation)
• intense imagery (like surgery)
• full depictions of hard drug use (ex- Cocaine, Heroine, LSD).

For the Terms of Service purposes, it does not matter whether the content is written in story form, a picture, a video clip or an audio track.

As a side reminder, (and by extension all Jcink Forum sites) go by the highest rating. So claiming to be PG-13 means you cannot have content that is rated R to be classed PG-13. If it would get an R rating, then you are not PG-13, and you are violating the ToS.

**Please note that the admins have the ability to deal with occurrences not referenced above in the best way they see fit. Any member who repeatedly breaks the rules will be banned.

Last Updated: Jan 22nd, 2017

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