Who is Dusty? Well I can tell you I am someone who enjoys creativity in many forms, the logic of code, the turn of a good phrase, historical genres (among many) and well-rounded written plots.

Hailing from the Southern Hemisphere, you may find me online at ‘weird’ times; however, it is just my time zone coming into play and I am always around every day at some point. So if you can’t find me in the Cbox, I am always available via PM.

Together, the founders have a combined experience level of over 50 years, so you are in good hands. So draw up a chair by the log fire and stay a while or longer and immerse yourself into the world that has been created here at Heart of the West!

Howdy all! You can call me Flint or Her Royal Highness or, of course, the ever popular Magnum PI, but if you can’t remember all that, I still answer to Tens :). I started writing when I was young but it wasn’t until my college years that I discovered RP. Yeah, never looked back, haha. I adore characters and plot lines and have way too many of them, if I’m being honest, but the heart wants what the heart thinks it wants! I play mainly males, finding them to be more comfortable in my mind, but I have my odd princess and I’m always ready to play! I do some graphic work for the site, advertising, and canon writing, and I can always help any of you with app and sizing issues, so just holler!
Shooter has been writing with her fellow admins for up to five years! In 2014 she earned her degree in graphic design and now uses her skills to edit images for the site as well as design the maps for the area. Think of her as Heart of the West's personal cartographer and unqualified city planner. Fun fact; The Devil's Cradle Saloon used to be called The Blue Larkspur, this is the name of a plant as well as a race horse, a sport Shooter follows closely. Blue Larkspur raced for a stable called Idle Hour, which is the name of the hotel in Woodhurst. Every place on the maps has its own story!
Indy arrived at HOTW to assist in written aspects of the site as well as moral support and has been role-playing for a decade now. In the past she has written in such genres as fandom, historic, and fantasy. She has a bachelor's degree in history and is currently a high school world geography teacher.

Outside of writing, she enjoys video games and long walks on the beach. ...Not really. She hates the ocean.

Blue came over to the HoTW to assist with coding and general admin duties. During weekdays there is always an excellent chance that she is lurking about the site as work gives her the flexibility to do so. So if you are about, swing on into the cbox and say hello!

Additionally, Blue is one of those weird math and science people who also enjoys writing, and she has been writing for over ten years. She loves good plotting, character development, and is always a sucker for a happy ending.

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 Newbie Guide, Tips on how to Get Started
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 Posted: Jul 8 2016, 08:08 PM

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Hello and Welcome to Heart of the West! This thread will introduce you to the site and help you get started on your character! Below we will outline the application process, as well as tips that will help you to be successful on HotW. If you have a question that isn't answered in this guide, check out our FAQ to see if your question is addressed there!

The Application Process
Before you get started on your application, you have the chance to explore the site a little bit and get a feel for what kinds of opportunities you want to get your character involved in. Firstly, you should take a look at our RULES to see if this is the kind of forum that fits your particular writing style. Secondly, have a gander at our PLOT to get a better idea of where and when we are and find out some more about Coalchapel’s history. Now that you have those two things out of the way, you’re ready to start writing your application! We have a few threads to help you out with your character creation should you need the inspiration.

    Have a great idea for a character but just can’t seem to settle on the right play-by? This list offers an extensive collection of open play-bys, all of which have period-appropriate garb.

    This list contains an assortment of open and claimed jobs in and around Coalchapel, Woodhurst and their surrounding areas. It is not exhaustive, so if you have a job in mind for your character that isn’t listed here that’s okay just make sure it is correct to the historical year and if in doubt, please ask an admin.

    Have a craving for an established character? Find your perfect match here! All canons have been lovingly handcrafted by our staff for your use!

    Here you will find a list of all member groups available to play with a description of each.

    Our most excellent admin Shooter has provided us with detailed maps of Coalchapel, Woodhurst, and the surrounding area! Here you can look at the maps and also get some information on various areas around Coalchapel. This is also where you can claim a shop for your character!

    Here we have a detailed history of the area as well and descriptions of various landmarks.

Once you’ve read all the threads you feel you need to; you can start on your CHARACTER APPLICATION!
Fill the application out to the best of your ability and then let the admins know you’ve finished. We do ask that Applications and posts are edited for typos, spelling and basic grammar. Please be aware that spell-checkers will not pick up words used incorrectly that happen to have the right spelling. e.g. there, their and they're/ two, too and to/ then and than, etc.

While you wait for acceptance, you can feel free to INTRODUCE yourself in the OOC FORUM. If the admins find something in the application they would like you to edit; they will send you a PM so keep a close eye on your inbox!

Here is our very own thread roulette. As soon as characters are accepted, they can start hitting up other plotters to get going, but sometimes threads take a while to get going. Apply for a thread in our Roulette and be paired with another character immediately!

Tips for Playing on HotW
Congratulations! Your character has been accepted! Below is a brief list of ways you can be successful on HotW!

    Fill out all the claims! Make sure you claim your character's JOB and PLAY-BY and also let us know who you play in the WHO'S WHO!
    Give your partner something to react to! Have your character say or do something that will attract the attention of your partner’s character. If not your character, have something happen in the environment to make a response easier for your partner.
    Keep the thread moving! Always include something at the end of your post to keep your plot moving forward!
    Ask before you do something to someone’s character! In situations such as a fight or a disaster, characters will inevitably get hurt. If it is your aim to hurt or control the other character in a thread, always ask the other player and get their permission before writing your reply!
    Ask about plots! Either post in a player’s plotter or send them a PM if you have a plot idea!
  • Let us know if you are going to be away from the game. If you are inactive for more than 30 days and have not posted an official AWAY NOTE, OR sent a PM to the Admins, then we have no choice but to archive your character and set your OOC account and character/s accounts to Inactive.

Being set in the past, things will be quite different for our characters than what we ourselves experience on a daily basis. As such, posts will occasionally require some research. The forum linked here contains a host of threads on a variety of topics brought to you by the staff and your fellow members. Of course, you can go off-site to find this information if you wish!

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