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Indy arrived at HOTW to assist in written aspects of the site as well as moral support and has been role-playing for a decade now. In the past she has written in such genres as fandom, historic, and fantasy. She has a bachelor's degree in history and is currently a high school world geography teacher.

Outside of writing, she enjoys video games and long walks on the beach. ...Not really. She hates the ocean.

Blue came over to the HoTW to assist with coding and general admin duties. During weekdays there is always an excellent chance that she is lurking about the site as work gives her the flexibility to do so. So if you are about, swing on into the cbox and say hello!

Additionally, Blue is one of those weird math and science people who also enjoys writing, and she has been writing for over ten years. She loves good plotting, character development, and is always a sucker for a happy ending.

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 Food Names Used in the Old West, Slang to liven up your vocabulary!
 Posted: Apr 10 2017, 11:40 PM

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Food Names Used in the Old West

If anyone's ever read Mark Twain, they know that there were some interesting turns of phrase in the old west. While the era was closer to modern times than the Shakespearean age, there were still terms that baffle the mind in this day and age. As members of the staff have discovered, this was particularly true when it came to food and drink in the 1800's. We've borrowed terms compiled from 27 Cowboy Slang Terms in hopes of giving our members a broader look at just how much has changed! Also, this makes for a great quiz to see just how much the history buffs in your life really know! Credit on this source goes out to Wayfarer!

1. Bear Sign: Doughnuts

2. Overland trout: Bacon

3. Blue John: Skimmed milk

4. Boggy-top: A pie with no top crust

5. Cackleberries: Eggs

6. Charlie Taylor: A butter substitute made of sorghum or syrup mixed with fat. It wasn't good, and apparently neither was Charlie Taylor, who was terrible enough to lend his name to the unpopular trail staple.

7. Hen-fruit Stir and Long Sweetenin': Pancakes and molasses

8. Horse Thief Special / Spotted Pup: Rice or tapioca pudding with raisins

9. Hot Rock / Sinker / Dough gods: Biscuits

10. Huckdummy: Biscuits with raisins

11. Love Apples: Canned tomatoes

12. Music Roots: Sweet potatoes

13. Mysteries: Sausage of any variety, so-called because that's what they're made of

14. Bee-sweetenin’: Honey

15. Pecos Strawberries / Mexican Strawberries / Whistle Berries: Beans

16. Roastineer: To "roast an ear" of corn over the fire while still in its husk

17. Salt Horse: Corned beef

18. Saltwater Vegetables: Oysters or clams

19. Texas Butter: Gravy

20. Skunk eggs: Onion

21. Son-of-a-gun Stew (or if there are no womenfolk present, Son-of-a-bitch Stew): Stew made of whatever is available and the organs of a recently-slaughtered calf. So-called because the son-of-a-gun young cattle can't keep up on the trail.

22. Wasp Nest: Bread

And don’t forget drinks:

23. Six-shooter Skink / Float a Horseshoe / Arbuckle's / Brown Gargle / Jamoka: Coffee

24. Belly Wash / Soda Pop / Black Water: Really weak coffee

25. John Barleycorn / Purge / Hop Juice: Beer

26. Nose Paint / Pop Skull / Prairie Dew / Rebel Soldier / Red Eye / Snake Pizen / Tarantula Juice / Tongue Oil / Tonsil Paint / Tornado Juice / Busthead / Bottled Courage / Family Disturbance / Gut Warmer / Kansas Sheep Dip: Whiskey

27. And a shot of whiskey with a beer chaser is a boilermaker and his helper.

Created by Blitzy of Caution 2.0
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