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May 21 2017, 06:12 PM

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December 24th, 1868 <br>
Christmas Event <br>

Diana Grier adored Christmas. She was sure that there was no better time of the year. The crisp air, the snow dusting over everything, the way people brightened and treated one another with was just perfect in her mind. But it was no picnic. She always seemed to be far more involved in things than she planned. Every year she planned to do a little less and she tried, she did, but there was always something to be done and she ended up right back where she’d started. But it was so nice to see everything come together. The decorations were up, the market was going strong, the service had been lovely, the children’s play was going to be darling, and the tree adornment was right on schedule. At this rate, she was sure she could breathe around...six AM. She’d been employing Devin to move the bigger things and she appreciated the help, but she really believed that things weren’t going to happen unless she was in the middle of them and it was hard to get out f that mindset. Maybe next year. Right then, she needed to finish setting up for the adornment.<p>
She was busy setting the last box of ornaments out, ready for the townsfolk to get the tree looking perfect, when she turned and nearly crashed into the person who had come up behind her. She nearly jumped out of her skin, but the relief flooded through her and she laughed a bit, setting her hand down on their shoulder so she could get a bit of air into her lungs around the laughter. <p>
“Oh, I’m so sorry. I need to watch what I’m doing,” she offered, her free hand pushed against her own chest. “Are you alright? Please tell me you’re enjoying yourself!” <p>
After all, that was what the Christmas celebration was all about. And God, of course, but she’d already been to mass and she was sure God knew where they all were and just what they were getting up to.

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Jan 8 2017, 03:46 PM

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Sheriff’s Office<br>
July 8, 1868
The summer months were proving to be warm. Diana couldn’t help but feel it as the temperatures rose throughout the day. It was a blessing that she didn’t have to cook at the school, as there weren’t classes throughout the summer, folks having gone home to work or spend time with their families during the harder months. She had spent most of her time in the saddle with her brother to help out, thinking that they needed to start bribing people with food to come and work on the ranch. It was a lot of work and she was sure that if her brother didn’t love it as much as he did, there would be a lot more whining. <p>
They still had to eat, though, so she and her mother were doing all their cooking early in the morning. They were up before the sun, making as much as they could before it got too hot to work in the kitchen. While it was a lovely effect in the winter, having a hot kitchen in the summer was something she wouldn’t wish on anyone. Still, it left her days pretty open when everything was prepared for the day and the chores were done with Dev. Of course, there were things she could do around the house, she could work on her studies, she could even spend hours wandering along the fence line, should she want to, but she missed town. She missed seeing all the different people, talking to them, and catching up on gossip. There was always someone who had something interesting to say and she adored the interaction. <p>
That was how she found herself tightening the saddle on Bunny and tying the string under her hat before setting out on the dusty road towards town. It was looking like it was going to rain and Di welcomed it. By the time she was part way to town, it had started to spit, and by the time she was in town, it was truly raining. She wasn’t so worried about herself, even though she knew she was soaked through. She was more concerned for the pie she had in the saddle baskets. She’d been baking up a storm, managing to get some fresh summer berries for all sorts of things. Pies, tarts, jams, jellies...she was making it all. She’d put some jars together, too, knowing it would not go to waste if she brought it to a certain someone. <p>
She made a point of bringing Tripp something to eat every other day or so, depending on when she got into town. She often brought more filling things, like dinner or lunch foods, but every so often everyone needed a treat and her pies were famous, even more so than her mother’s, mostly because she embraced the flavour of lemon. It bought out the flavour of summer in everything, as far as Di was concerned, and what better flavour for July? <p>
She was drenched by the time she got to the sheriff’s station, sliding out of the saddle and tying Bunny to the hitching rail, knowing that the little horse wouldn’t mind spending some time cooling off in the rain. It was a bit of a struggle to undo the leather straps and get the basket down. Wet weather was not the friend of leather, as her father was fond of saying when she was younger. She firmly believed it in that moment as she tugged and finally managed to get the basket loose. She walked it up to the door and took a moment to stand under the overhang, hoping some of the rain would drip off and make her feel like less of a drowned animal. At least her hair was dry, thanks to the hat she’d worn. Tipping it back a bit, she knocked on the door before letting herself into the office. She glanced round and was pleased to see that it was just Tripp. Not that she didn’t like Eli, but she had only packed him a small jar of jam and it was up to Tripp if he shared anything more with the man. And it was nice to have some time alone with exactly who she’d come to see. <p>
“It is raining cats and dogs out there,” she offered, setting the basket on Eli’s vacant desk. “I can’t believe it was so hot this morning only to do that. Hopefully you won’t get called out in it.”<p>
She gestured out the window, working to unload the basket, happy to see that the cloth over the pie wasn’t at all wet. Well, thank the lord for small mercies. She turned back to him and smiled once more because she was a smiley person. <p>
“Hi,” she added, thinking that it was probably where she should have started. “How are you?”

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Jul 20 2016, 09:58 PM
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Diana Grier

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<div class="head">basics</div>
<thing>full name:</thing> Diana Marie Grier
<thing>nicknames/aliases:</thing> Di
<thing>age:</thing> Twenty
<thing>date of birth:</thing> March 20, 1847
<thing>place of birth:</thing> Blacksburg, Virginia
<thing>current residence:</thing> Rocking G Ranch
<thing>hometown:</thing> Coalchapel
<thing>gender:</thing> Female
<thing>occupation:</thing> Cook at the College
<thing>member group:</thing> Townsfolk

<div class="head">appearance</div>

<thing>playby:</thing> Willa Holland
<thing>height:</thing> 5’2
<thing>build:</thing> Slim
<thing>hair color:</thing> brown
<thing>eye color:</thing> Brown

<div class="head">relationships</div>

<thing>relationship status:</thing> Singleish
<thing>current partner:</thing> A Certain Someone
<thing>children:</thing> None


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<div class="head">Appearance</div>
<p>Diana is small. She’s always been small. She was born early and that set it in motion, according to the only doctor she ever asked about it. Barely brushing 5’2, she discovered later in her young life, was on par for a young woman, but for a Grier child, she was the smallest there’d been in a long time. That being said, Diana is light on her feet and graceful. She’s easy to pick up and haul around, but she hates that and often pouts at whoever’s done that. She believes firmly in her own abilities, after all. She had also been told she has narrow hips and won’t handle carrying a child very well. However, she’s determined to have a big brood and she’s sure she’ll get there one day.<p>
With brown hair and brown eyes, Di believes she’s rather plain looking. No matter how much sun she gets, her skin stays light and her freckles are a bit too prominent. She has a kind smile, though, and she’s been told that her appearance matches her friendly personality. She was an adventurous child, but she’s come out of it without a lot of marks with two brothers herding her about. Her hands have a few little scars from learning how to cook, but nothing overly disfiguring. Her hair has a bit of a wave in it and curls in the rain for reasons she’ll probably never understand.
<div class="head">Personality</div>
<p>Diana is a kind person. She believes in karma and that it all comes around to you, but she also finds that she doesn’t want to be unkind to people. She’s never had an enemy in her life and she’s really taken back when people are mad at her. She’s rather sweet and believes the best in everyone. She’s an eternal optimist and it really doesn’t take much to lighten her day and make her feel better about life.
<p> Di isn’t placid, though, even if she loves a nice calm day of doing nothing occasionally. She’s got her passions – animals, learning, cooking, helping others...the list goes on. All those little things bring her peace, but she pushes herself to do more because she feels like she’ll get left behind if she doesn’t. She’s her own worst enemy there, but without that inner spark, she would have never taken the job at the college and she wouldn’t be increasing her own education. Her father had offered to pay for her schooling, even sending her away if that was what she wanted, but that was before Papa died. Money got tight and she couldn’t justify leaving her mother, especially when her brother and his bride came to live with them. There was too much family time she wanted and the local college was just much more convenient. When Di cares about someone or something, she puts her all into it. She doesn’t do anything half way in that regard. Her family comes first and she isn’t afraid to draw lines, even if it means she has to settle on her dreams because she’s smart enough to know that there will be other dreams to have.<p>
Di, like everyone, has things that make her angry or sad. When she’s sad, she likes to be on her own and usually takes a walk along the fence to feed clumps of grass to the horses trailing along with her or she’ll curl up with a book somewhere. She just doesn’t like it when others know she’s upset because it’s a cycle. When she’s mad, she’s a quiet seether until she gets over it or someone confronts her, then she’ll express her anger. But she’s not one to hold onto things. She moves on, she gets back to life because that’s what people do. She’s an adult and she takes care of her family. For all that realistic outlook she has, she can be quite naive. Diana doesn’t handle death well for that reason. She’s always held out hope for a good outcome and when she doesn’t get it, the floor falls out from under her. She’s the same way about love. She’s always wanted to be in love, but any attention she gets shocks her and just makes her blush something awful because she’s always looked at people for friendship first. Perhaps that’ll change in the future, but for now, she knows a certain someone enjoys making her uncomfortable and she’s figuring out how to play back.

<div class="head">History</div>

<p> Diana Marie Grier was born on a stormy Virginia day. She was a few weeks early and the doctor didn’t look hopeful, but she was a Grier and they were fighters. She grew up trailing after her brothers, more than happy to be in on everything that they did. However, for all the times that she followed them around, she still managed to stay the innocent little girl she was. She learned how to do the ladylike things by her mother’s skirts, like cooking and sewing. She learned her love for animals tagging along with her father and brothers and caring for wherever they were living until they moved on. It was just the way things were. The boys needed to work, after all, unless they were nursing an injury. Diana learned how to care for those, too, because doctors were pricy and the family was poor through her younger years. That all changed when she was ten and her father invested in three horses – Coal Dust, Belle, and Reesa. They would be the reason he moved the family to Wyoming, intent on breeding horses. <p>
The Rocking G was the first real home she’d ever known. Her father and brothers had built a house and started breeding animals, and over the first few years, there was a bigger house built, a bigger barn available, and it just felt settled in a way she’d never experienced before. There was no next move. This was it and Di loved it. The place was called Coalchapel and it was a slowly building community. There weren’t many children to play with at first and Di got caught up in her own little world of books and animals and just helping out her mother. By the time she’d really gotten to know people, she was friendly enough, but she didn’t need the constant company to keep her going. <p>
Things stayed the same until she was thirteen. There had been rumbles from back east about the war that was brewing and Diana heard her father worry over it, knowing it would only be a matter of time until fighting broke out. His prediction came to pass in 1860 and within months, her brothers were saddling up and heading east to join up. There were a bunch of men from the area going with them and she was sure her brothers would be fine. It didn’t stop her teary goodbye or the trinkets she hid in the bottom of their bags, but it made her feel a bit better. Ace wrote, but Dev never did, and he’d warned them about that. He just didn’t want to keep them waiting for anything he couldn’t promise. <p>
It was hard with the boys gone. Papa sold most of the horses and Mama was always busy sewing, knitting, and curing goods to help the effort. They were sheltered where they were and Di knew that they didn’t need to do anything, but it was their boys fighting for a nation they didn’t owe a thing to, and they all did what they could. And when the war was over, Ace came home for a bit before heading off to resume his duty and Dev actually wrote over a year past when everything was said and done to let them know he’d married a southern girl and was staying with her. Papa laughed when he read that, always sure that his son would go his own way. Di was a bit sad that they’d grown up, but she was also growing. At sixteen, she was done her schooling and looking to make something of herself, too. But Coalchapel was so limiting. She didn’t know if she’d ever get anywhere in life if she started working at the diner or sweeping floors at the boarding house. Her papa understood and he promised that when the herd was built up again, she could go to school back east where there were more opportunities for women in the post war world. She was excited, knowing she’d be able to really put herself into her studies and the future was looking bright. <p>
Her hopes were dashed in early 1867 when Duncan Grier collapsed out in the corral and never got up again. Di was devastated. She couldn’t imagine a life without her papa. They were in the middle of rebuilding and two women couldn’t manage all alone. Some man would come and take it from them, sooner or later, and they couldn’t ask Ace to give up what he had with the fort. So, Di wrote Devin, hoping he’d come home, but life couldn’t stay on hold until he did. They kept going with Papa’s plan and by the time Jen and Dev did arrive, Diana had a lot of irons in the fire. She’d arranged to cook over at the Coalchapel College in exchange for classes. It wasn’t exactly what she wanted, but she was happy enough to have something and she was genuinely interested in what she was learning. On top of that, she’d been helping run the ranch for years and she had her own little corral full of animals that were all hers. She knew how to tend to them and how to birth them, but also how to manage money and the work assignments that needed to be dealt with on the ranch. She could cook, she could clean house, she could help at the library when they needed it...Diana never seemed to be still. She even took to feeding the bachelor deputy in town, which was the Christian thing to do, even if she has very unchristian feelings for the man. <p>
Life will certainly not be a boring thing for Miss Diana.
<div class="head">Writing Sample</div>

May 1, 1873<br>
Dalton Ranch<br>

It wasn’t often that Diana found herself having time to do what she enjoyed. She did enjoy work, but it was something that she did for money. It was routine, it was what she had to do. There was very little room for spontaneity. That was one of the many reasons why she enjoyed her days off so much. She’d spent the morning enjoying a book on the porch, tossing a ball for the dogs. It wasn’t all that exciting, but when she was normally in town for six, cooking breakfast, so it was prefect in her mind not to go anywhere near Coalchapel. <p>

However, she did have plans in the afternoon. She’d been trying out a few new patterns from a book her sister had sent her and she was happy enough to give them away. Had it been closer to Christmas, she would have been happy enough to keep them for gifts, but she didn’t think she could sit on them for that long. She wasn’t the kind of person who could keep things to herself. She liked giving things away and enjoying that someone else could enjoy them. There had been a knit shawl that she’d been playing around with and she could only picture Charlotte Dalton having it. It also made for the good excuse to go and see her friend. She and Charlotte were good friends, both sharing the same bright and bubbly outlook on life and it was a good way to be. She was around a lot of people who were very serious and morose at times. She understood that was the nature of working where people drowned their sorrows, but it could pull her down at times if she let it. Being around someone fun and light was just what the doctor ordered. Or she imagined he would if she were to tell him about it, but she wasn’t the type to go out of her way to make others either feel bad for her or to make them feel worse about their daily lives. She was easy to cheer and it didn’t take much. Even just getting dressed and combing her hair that morning with the intent to go visiting had been enough to shake even the smallest hint of melancholy from her shoulders.
Of course, it was also nice to take Bunny on a ride that was longer than just to and from town. She was sure that even horses got tired of the same old thing day in and day out. From the way that her stout little horse was trotting along it was probably true. Of course, turning him loose with the rest of the Dalton stock had probably been a thrill, too. She knew it was going to take some bribery to get him back to the fence when it came time to go home.
She’d had a nice, long visit with Charlotte first, though. She was always full of things to say and she did miss catching up like this. Di had her own tales about her brothers and future sister in law, as well as the patrons of the saloon and the Inn. Even talking about the leather shop could fill the space. However, even Diana Grier couldn’t visit for forever – something that would shock her brothers, should they hear such a statement – and it was much later in the afternoon when it came time to say goodbye. She had a few treats in her basket, the Daltons being as kind as ever, and she was feeling quite good about life.
Well, until it came time to coax Bunny back so they could leave. Her little horse had moments of stubbornness and sometimes she gave up before he did. Today, that really wasn’t an option. So, she leant against the fence and nickered at him, holding out a nice, orange, crunchy carrot. But it seemed like he’d much rather stand feet away with his ears twitching with dismissal every time she tried. All she needed was to get close enough to grab his halter and she'd be in business.
“Oh, Bunny,” she sighed, getting tired of looking like a fool. “Come get the carrot and we can go home.”
Bunny just pawed at the ground, pulling up a bit more grass so that he could get at the ripe green shoots, clearly more interested in what he had before him than the carrot he knew he’d get at some point.
“If you don’t come over here, I’m going to leave you here and ride a Dalton horse home.”
That seemed to get his attention. The stout horse looked at her, blinking a bit.
“That’s right. A Dalton mare. Something pretty and well behaved,” she replied, thinking she had the horse there. But he just snorted and went back to his eating. She groaned a bit, leaning against the fence, carrot loose in her hands as she tried to figure out how to get the cooperation she wanted. She couldn’t have felt more silly when she caught the sound of boots coming up to where she was standing.

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<label for="Ntab-4"> <i class="fa fa-user-plus" style="font-size: 10px;margin-top:5px"></i> &nbsp; plotting</label>
<div class="Ncontent">

<table cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0"><tr>

<td><div class="nstuff">

<div class="head">about</div>

<p> Diana is a kind person. She likes to think that everything in the world if perfect. She's an optimist in all things and firmly believes in karma. She's pretty much up for anything, but here's the specifics:

<div class="head">friendly</div>

<p>Diana will make friends with almost everyone. She's a warm, sweet, caring person. She will probably have more female friends than male, but she won't limit herself. She doesn't see the bad in people, so some of her friendships are quite questionable. She'll help anyone who needs it and she's open to trying new things, so she's pretty much up for anything here!

<div class="head">romantic</div>

<p> She's got a fairly strong crush on a certain Deputy, but she's still trying to figure out how to react to that attraction. She's never had attention her like that and it throws her, but what a ride.

<div class="head">antagonistic</div>

<p> Diana is protective of her friends and family. Sh won't be the kind of person who stands to hear bad things about them. She does get mad, but it burns off quickly. She can't ever remember hating anyone and she doesn't think that she's given anyone reason to hate her, either. Life's too short for things like that. So, aside from sticking up for herself or those in her life, she probably won't have a lot of antagonists in her life.

<div class="head">other</div>

<p>Diana should be voted most likely to stumble into the middle of something accidentally. She's a bit naive and she's friendly, so it opens her up to a lot of adventure. Propose something!


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<img src="" width="200" height="160">
<div class="nstuff">
<div class="nstuffff">
<div class="head">Flint</div>
<thing>age:</thing> Old
<thing>pronouns:</thing> she/her
<thing>timezone:</thing> MST 7
<thing>contact:</thing> PM!
<thing>triggers:</thing> Graphic abuse to animals
<thing>mature threading:</thing> Always up for something new!
<thing>other characters:</thing>
<li>Devin Grier</li><li>Benton Cole</li><li>H. Lang</li><li>Max Esprit</li><li>Sasha Bellamy</li><li>Sincere Williams</li>
<thing>about:</thing> Not much to tell! I’ve been in this genre for years and I’m always willing to plot and help.

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20. Cook/Student. Townsfolk. Flint.
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